Adult Dance Class Testimonials

Look forward to coming every week. We always have a good time and learn lots

Kathy & Peter

We look forward every week to our Thursday evening dance class, and always thoroughly enjoy it. Andy and Louisa are excellent instructors, and very patient! They have taught us lots of steps in many different dances and made it fun in the process. Dance floors aren’t as scary as I thought!

Matt and Sue

Thoroughly enjoy learning new steps, we have a great time.

Norman & Sylvia

We have come such a long way with Andy & Louisa we couldn’t do any proper dance steps just shuffles. Now we can so many dances properly and we have so much fun. I just wish we had come to Andy & Louisa years ago.

Kathy & Brian Draper

Taking up the option for private lesson was one of the best things I have done, Both Louisa and Andy have made learning and dancing a pleasure

Bill Bones

I danced as a child, loved it got most of my IDTA medals, and then stopped. I took it up again as an adult and then had to stop again due to circumstances. I wanted to start dancing again, so looked for a IDTA dance school not too far away from me on the internet and came across Body In Motion Dance. I phoned them, next thing I had my first lesson with Andy and Louisa. I told them I had danced before, they refreshed my memory with some basic figures, I have only had a handful of lessons, but I have learnt loads and already teaching me figures which I have never even been shown before. They take their time showing me technique and explaining the dances to me. Its fab, I learn so much in that hour, the routines are really modern and have great music to choose from. The studio is welcoming and upto date technology. I love my dancing and will definatley stick at it this time I have found the perfect teachers to take me to the next levels with my dancing.