Bespoke Birthday Balls at Body In Motion Dance

In May 2012 Body In Motion Dance launched their first Bespoke Birthday Ball for Alice on her 4th Birthday this is what her Mum said about it:-

“It was fantastic. Alice created her own Birthday Ball with everything she could imagine and more. I came for a complimentary consultation to see what we could do for Alice’s Birthday. I couldn’t believe what I could have it was amazing, magical and stunning and the prices are unbeatable. I liked how Alice could get involved and choose what she wanted. All the children had a unbelievable great time their eyes almost popping out their head with amazement and excitement The parents said it was fantastic and are looking to book their parties in the near future. I have never been to a party like this before and have been to a few with my kids!. If you would like to speak to me about it I would gladly do so”. Mrs Brewin.

The Bespoke Birthday Balls are aimed at everyone from 3 years upwards.

We have done a few Birthday Balls now and have had fantastic reviews.

Please get in touch to book a complimentary Consultation, to discuss how to create your perfect Ball