Children’s Dance Class Testimonials

Alice has grown in confidence since starting her dance class at Body In Motion Dance. At first she was really shy and clung to me, now she has a go on her own, with other children and can work as a group. She really enjoys it. I would recommend Body In Motion Dance to any parent. The classes are great keeps them interested, as a result they learn lots.


I stayed over at a friends last weekend and came along to the dance class my friends daughter attends, I brought my son who is 4, He loved,it and didn’t want to leave, I live in Oldham and have attended a few dance schools in the Oldham area with my daughter, but they have nothing like this, its fantastic, I will attend as much as I can, I am prepared to travel from Oldham to this class, its really entertaining, the kids join in with everything, outstanding delivery.


Hannah loves dancing every week she is learning new dances/steps there is always new and exciting things going on, she is always practising at home and is always up early on a Saturday ready to go dancing. She will be taking her first 2 exams in November cant wait, I am confident she will pass, the level of teaching is outstanding. I would recommend to any parent to try Body In Motion Dance. I am really happy with Hannahs progress

Maria McCabe

Lilly loves it, I cant believe how much she has grown in confidence and the amount she has learned in a short space of time is fantastic. I would recommend Body In Motion Dance to everyone, you will see the outstanding level of teaching its just brilliant.

Lillys Grandma

Thanks Louisa for another fab dance lesson today for Charlie! It was amazing to see how much they got through today, remembered from last week and progressed in such a short space of time! Charlies lessons are inspiring me to maybe come back to dance class myself! thank you xxx

Rebecca Whittaker