RetroFit Testimonials

So unique, I really enjoy it, very good workout. It is something for everyone. Love the music.

Edna Greenall

I always have a laugh, a great way to meet new people. Louisa has done a really good job with this programme. Its great.


My mum goes to Retro FIT and asked me to try it, I am a PE teacher so I consider myself quite fit and have tried many different forms of exercise in the past. I said I would try it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Loved it, I used muscles I don’t really exercise, it was fun, I laughed it was a very good workout, but was having that much fun I forgot that I was working out. The next day I could tell I had worked the muscles and felt really good and happy. I would recommend to all ages and abilities to try it, its a shame I work away but when im home visiting I will definitely attend with my mum.


I have been meaning to try it for a couple of months, and I finally did, its fantastic, brilliant, I told my 2 daughters about it, they now attend with me, they love it too.


Love it, I have done Zumba too for 5 months, but feel more benefit from the Retro FIT I have dropped more weight in 6 weeks doing retro FIT than in the 5 months at Zumba, I am looking to stop Zumba soon and do this 2 nights instead. Its so much fun, but I learn a lot too.


Retro FIT a fun way of exercising well worth a go. All ages and shapes feel the benefit.

Anne Chadwick

I have lost over ½ stone since beginning the class a few weeks ago, the class never gets boring always new and unexpected things happening.

Maria Hodkinson

I started off coming to the Tuesdays class. I now attend Monday & Tuesdays class and have lost 9lbs in 3 weeks, I feel fantastic. I really enjoy Retro FIT.


Walked downstairs this morning, when I got to the bottom of the stairs my skirt was around my ankles! definatley lost weight doing Retro FIT

Sylvia Merrick

You should join us you will have a brilliant time, you know you’ve had a workout.


A fun and fabulous workout and completely different to anything I have done before. I tried Zumba with a friend the other day, but Retro FIT is miles better, so much so I have asked if another class could be put on later in the week I would definitely attend. I love it. I wont be going back to Zumba after trying Retro FIT.

Chrissie Jennings

My muscles have never ached so much after exercise – my face muscles that is. Brilliant & bonkers and never boring, you really don’t realise how hard you are working. And you never know what’s coming next! After a matter of weeks I’m feeling the benefit and cant wait for my next class.

Ann Davies

I tried Zumba recently, but find this is more suited to me, it’s a good laugh, very unique.

Joanne Creighton

I have tried many workout classes over the years, this is so different and fun, I look forward to the class.

Kim Longworth

We love the retro dance it is brill so much fun and laughs we have thank you for sorting all dances out we will recommend to everyone we both know love Nikki and Suzzy xxx

Nikki wroth Oakes

Its really good, I enjoy it and always have a laugh.


Its brilliant, love it, so different, I always feel great after a session.


Retro FIT a fun way to tone and exercise without realising your toning and exercising!


I have never danced before, I don’t really exercise, but heard about retro FIT through a friend who attends Body In Motion Dance. I tried it, I have never seen anything like it, its ace, I attend every Monday, I can see an improvement already, I have told my mum about it.


It really does work the whole of your body, even the parts that I normally struggle to lose the weight from I can start to see a result

Chrissie O’Mara

I have been attending Retro FIT for just over 9 months now and I feel fitter and more toned than ever. I have also dropped 3 dress sizes amazing. The best thing is I have this new body and all I have to do is attend Retro FIT, its not a chore I love going to Retro FIT I never miss, its exciting and a laugh its always different. I’m not bored yet. This is a record for me. Everything else I try fitness classes/gyms etc I would of got bored by now. Please try it, you will not see anything else like it.


I have tried lots of workout and dance workout programmes over the years, I usually get bored and stop going. Retro FIT is so enjoyable and very different, never see anything like it before, and it never gets boring. Its the best exercise programme I have ever done. I look forward to Mondays I am excited to go to the class. Its a good workout But it doesn’t feel like a workout, I have lost weight with this programme too, roll on next Monday, brilliant, fantastic. I recommend everyone to try it.


Never thought I would like this type of exercise but I absolutely love it. I also feel more toned and it is such fun. I would really recommend it anyone.

Sarah Shaw

Love it ! Thoroughly enjoyable and the best exercise I have ever tried.

Sarah Pendlebury

Its just so different, you just have to try it, I don’t want to give too much away what its like, I would recommend to anyone to give it a go.

Kathy Draper

I have been attending Retro FIT for over 6 months now and its still just as good as when I started, always learning new things, each class is different, never get bored. I have lost weight, toned, I feel fitter than ever, its a great laugh, and great to meet new people and get to know them, I am still really excited to go to retro FIT on Monday & Wednesdays. Its the best exercise programme I have ever done.


I started Retro FIT not knowing what to expect but its the best form of exercise and fun that I have done.

Cathy Ashleey