Monday7.00pm – 8.00pmRetro ToneBeginners
(2 places available)
Tuesday1pm – 2pmRetro ToneBeginners
Wednesday12:30pm – 1:30pmRetro ToneBeginners
Wednesday7pm – 8pmRetro BlastBeginners onwards
(8 Places Available)

Retro FIT through the times with a twist.

This programme took over 4 years to write. I wanted it to be different to anything else out there. I also wanted it to be fun, but at the same time for people to be able to lose weight, tone, change their body shape for the better, become a lot fitter, to learn to dance using correct posture, and technique. I also wanted to build peoples confidence on and off the dance floor. I started running a class on a Monday night 12 months ago, just by word of mouth. I was amazed by the feedback, people who attended told their friends and family, who told their friends ect. All ages have tried Retro FIT and still attend today. All have lost weight, toned, they are more confident and can dance using great technique, which has helped improve poise and posture. All say they are more toned and happier in themselves more than ever. I love teaching Retro FIT classes. If you want to do something different, to have many laughs, improve your fitness, lose weight and tone, and learn to dance to a level you may never thought possible, this is for you.

We have people in their teens to people in their 70’s attending Retro FIT™. Everyone who has tried it has stayed and still attend today.

New Dance Workout Programme RetroFIT Through The Times With A Twist ™

Written by Louisa Shaw

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10 reasons to try Retro FIT ™

1) There is no other programme in the country like it. Be the first to experience it.
2) It never gets boring or repetitive. Always has new twists.
3) Join lots of others who already attend.
4) Learn to dance. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced dancer you will learn lots of new figures and technique.
5) Improve your fitness, balance and posture.
6) Have the most fun you will ever have working out or your money back!
7) Not only will you lose weight, but you will tone all parts of your body too.
8) Retro FIT™ is for all ages and fitness levels
9) Very unique, exciting, great music, mentally and physically engergising.
10) Meet new people.

“I got 3 comments in 1 day fantastic, all said the same thing, look at those legs and bum amazing well toned ( I did have skinny jeans on that day for the first time ever), what have you been doing you look in great shape. I said Retro FIT twice a week. what a confidence boost I have never had anyone comment on my figure before, I have started wearing skirts and short dresses for the first time in many years. I still keep getting comments all the time, its great. I feel fitter and happier now than I have in a long time.”

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